About Us


Another Paint Line????

I’m sure you may be saying to yourself “another furniture paint line”? Yes, there a lot of different and fabulous paint products to choose from when you are deciding on a paint brand to partner with for your business but once you get to know us, you won’t have to look any further.

Our Story

For four years we have operated our own architectural salvage and vintage furniture shop and have partnered with several wonderful paint brands.  The day we opened our shop in 2012 we knew that in our future would be our own brand of paint, made to our specifications by a local paint manufacture we could trust.  We have been able to make that happen.  Plum City Paint is manufactured in Ohio by a paint company that has been in business since 1920 and remains family owned to this day.  We have deep love for our region in Northeast Ohio and are showing that love and pride with our brand and brand imagery.  Plum City Paint was born in 2016 and look forward to building our brand with partners around Ohio and the country.

Meet the Team

We are so much more than a brand here, we are family.  Our team is led by Ron Cseh who is supporting by a staff of four who assist with marketing, brand partnerships, warehousing, shipping and retailer outreach.  Our family is ready to work with your brand and provide all the support you need to be a success.

Next Steps…

If you are ready to try our paint and get more information on brand partnerships, get in touch….

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